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Reflexology is a gentle healing art that dates back to ancient Egypt and China. Depictions of foot massage can be seen in Egyptian tomb art from as far back as 2000BC. It was introduced to the West in 1913 by a leading American Surgeon called Dr. William Fitzgerald. He discovered that applying pressure to one part of the body could create a response in another. This reflex relationship existed in ten longitudinal zones in the body and was known as Zone Therapy. In the 1930s a young physiotherapist called Eunice Ingham developed this into reflexology as we know it today. She determined that reflexes on the feet and hands mirrored the organs of the body.

I would advise allowing one hour and thirty minutes  for your initial reflexology treatment. I will conduct a full personal consultation. This will not only take into account your physical health, past and present but also your lifestyle and any other information you feel is of relevance. Reflexology is a holistic treatment that seeks to balance both the physical and emotional aspects of a persons health. I will then tailor the treatment to your specific needs. All information disclosed is strictly confidential. Certain underlying health problems or serious illnesses may require you to obtain consent from your doctor before commencing treatment. If you think this is the case please obtain written consent prior to initial treatment or feel free to contact me to discuss if this is necessary.

Because reflexology is such a gentle therapy it is suitable for all ages and stages of life. Treatments may bring relief from a wide range of accute and chronic conditions. Reflexology has been shown to

  • Reduce Stress and induce relaxation
  • Improve the circulation of both blood and lymph
  • Improve elimination of toxins
  • Allow the body to balance itself
  • Revitalise energy
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Ease emotional strain
  • Help regulate female related problems
  • Beneficial for pregnancy and labour

A reflexology treatment usually lasts for approximately one hour. I personally provide 75 minute treatments as a minimum to allow for relaxation time and grounding exercises at the end. No removal of clothes is necessary other than shoes and socks. The client lies on a comfortable treatment couch and begins the treatment with a foot massage. Precise pressure techniques are then applied to specific points on the feet which correspond to all sysytems and organs of the body. This pressure will always be applied at a level that is comfortable to the client and adjusted as necessary. Following the treatment any significant findings will be discussed with you. As the effects of reflexology are cumulative many people find it beneficial to continue with regular treatments.

After a treatment try to rest and take things easy as this boosts the body's natural healing and will give maximum benefit. Drinking plenty of water will help to flush toxins that may have been released out of your system thereby aiding the detoxifying process. The most important thing is to listen to your body and what it is telling you. Relaxing for even a short while has huge benefits to a persons health and wellbeing.

Contraindications for reflexology
  • Infections of the foot or contagious illness
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis or severe Edema
  • High risk pregnancy or history of miscarraige
  • Trauma to the feet, open wounds, broken bones, sprains
  • Osteoporosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Where a serious illness or underlying condition is present without prior medical consultation.

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