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I first went to Beaumont Reflexology a couple of years ago with irregular periods which were causing me a lot of pain. After just a few sessions I could see a huge improvement, and within a couple of months my periods had regulated and were less painful and, as a result, I had more energy and felt less stressed.
Over the past couple of months I have been seeing Heather because of congested sinuses and the results have been truly amazing. As she works on my feet, I can actually feel and hear the sinuses 'popping' and the relief is instantaneous.
But, if I'm being honest, one of the reasons I love going for reflexology most is how totally relaxed I feel afterwards. Thank you Heather!  Susan  D11

I have had regular ear candling treatments from Heather over the last year as I tend to suffer with blocked ears and sinus pressure. I find the treatments really help to relieve tension in my head and ears when this occurs. I also feel a lot less stressed afterwards as the facial massage is extremely relaxing. I have no hesitation in recommending Heather to anyone looking for a holistic therapist, she gives an excellent treatment, is very professional and is also a lovely person!    Amanda, Dublin 9

I have had regular reflexology from Heather over the last year and recently tried an ear candling treatment also as my ears felt a little blocked from flying. She is an excellent therapist who gives 100% in everything she does.
The regular sessions of reflexology are something I look forward to immensely as I always feel so relaxed afterwards and get a great night's sleep.
The ear candling was amazing, this included a facial massage and also some head massage. Heather also gives an extra long treatment which is a rare thing these days.
I would highly recommend Heather, she is a talented, caring and professional therapist.
     Daphne, Leixlip       

I was lucky enough to discover ĎBeaumont Reflexology & Holisticsí when I received a gift certificate a year ago. Iíve had reflexology in the past but I can honestly say that Heather is the most skilled therapist Iíve ever come across. Once youíve had a treatment with Heather it becomes very clear that this is not just a job to her. She genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her clients and invests a huge amount of herself into each session. The treatment room, which is in Heatherís home, is beautifully decorated and is a wonderfully tranquil and relaxing environment. I really look forward to each session and always get a very real feeling of wellbeing both during and after each session. Heatherís skill level is exceptionally high and if you havenít already discovered her talents youíre in for a real treat! Lorraine, Dublin.

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